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Sweets and Stories

It started with a random message on Facebook. I knew that I had seen his face before but I couldn’t place it. We had over 100 friends in common so I knew I knew him but from where? He told me I signed his 8th grade yearbook and then I knew! He was a fellow Parent Panther.  We chatted for several weeks about our memories from grade school; about the friends we still had in common and the ones that had passed away. It was cool to be able to chat with someone that remembered the “good old days” and was actually present for them. We agreed to meet for drinks at one of my favorite bars in Midtown. I knew my way around the city since I had been living in Atlanta for a few years. A friendly meet up with a classmate from junior high. That was it. That is all that it would be. I arrived before him since I lived closer to the spot. I sat at the bar and my favorite bartender Jay poured my signature drink, an espresso martini. I chatted with him about how I was getting ready to see an old friend that I hadn’t seen since 1991. We joked about how folks always look so different after the years pass and the pounds pack on.

And then it happened. I watched him walk up to the door of the bar. He was shorter than I remembered but his presence was huge. He had on a black leather coat, black T-shirt, somewhat baggie blue jeans and diamond necklace that was sparkling in the darkness. He reached for the door with his right hand while looking over his shoulder. This is something I have seen many LA dudes do. They are constantly looking over their shoulders regardless of where they are. He stepped in the bar and it was as if my heart knew that he was here for us. As he approached me, I could feel the butterflies begin to flutter which was odd because we had never flirted in the previous weeks leading up to this meeting. What in the world is happening right now? Why am I having these feelings? Instantly I knew. As he stepped closer and closer to me I knew. I was in love with this man. It was instantaneous. I stood up and gave him a hug. My heart flew open and unbeknownst to him, he was thrust into a place within me that had been closed for a very long time. How did he get here? That’s right! Nobody’s supposed to be here! LOL!

I tried to keep my cool as we shared fun conversation and a few drinks. We reminisced about all of our days at Parent and caught each other up on our current happenings.  A friend of his joined us at the bar. I was relieved as I figured this would be my excuse to exit and escape these new feelings that I was still trying to make sense of. His friend paid our entire tab and then informed us that we would be joining him at a new hot spot in Buckhead. Normally my spidey senses would be going bazerk especially with all of the sex trafficking happening in our world but oddly enough I didn’t panic. I actually felt safe. My heart was chill but my mind still wanted to know what the fuck was happening!

I agreed to join them and we left for the next spot. I figured I would jump in a cab if I really wanted to leave once we got there. He and I found a table in a corner of the new spot and his friend went off to flirt with a few ladies near the bar. I am not sure if it was the drinks that allowed him to finally let his guard down but this time our conversation was filled with flirty banter. During our banter he looked over and noticed his friend was in need of a wing man. He stood up to go help out but not before assuring me that he would return. He turned to walk away but then he turned back and leaned in to kiss me. Just as flowers turn towards the sun I raised up to meet his lips. This wasn’t just any kiss. It was magical. If this were a movie this would definitely be the part where the montage comes in and you see the character’s imaginary future together. We stayed lip locked for several seconds until we both pulled away in a huff. Shocked and stunned for a moment we stared at each other for what seemed like forever until I reminded him to go check on his friend. We couldn’t move; we were stuck in each other’s gaze. The kiss was amazing but the intimacy in the stare was paralyzing. And so it began…

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